Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Time wasting

It's been a funny week so far.  I haven't been at work this week and I had put aside the whole week to work on my assessed assignment.  It hasn't worked out the way I thought.  I find I have to have a few days fannying about, messing around, and procrastinating before I can sit down and even do the reading.  So baking, knitting, spinning, becoming obsessed with the book I'm reading (NO - not my textbook). It feels like I need the adrenaline rush of a tight deadline. This is NOT always positive, last week I had an assignment due (as I did the week before too) and was convinced it had to be in on Friday.  So I kind of worked and procrastinated until Thursday when I suddenly was mega motivated - I worked and worked til late in the night and posted it first thing Friday morning.  Imagine the scenario, I waited for the electronic confirmation that it had sent when I got the message saying:

"your assignment has been submitted after the deadline, your tutor does not have to mark it"

To say I was upset was an understatement (think hissy fit, tears and 'woe is me' wailing).  It was my fault, it should have been in the day before but I had so much going on. I emailed my tutor (Joe has agreed to mark it - he's a realist, he understands that real life, kids, work and study is full on and sometimes life gets in the way) and waited.  Then I decided this was useless - would I still be able to pass even if this essay was a 0?  The answer was YES.  So I calmed down, disappointed but pragmatic.  My tutor is going to mark it, but it was a life lesson, try to reframe and look at reality.  So yes, I am suddenly up for this assignment.  I have set my own cut off date (it's not due until 7th October but I also have an exam on the 9th October).  Next Tuesday.  It has to be done by then.  I have no doubt I will spend the weekend and, Monday and Tuesday in a blind panic!

The 3 good things:
  • I have set my own deadline and am attempting to get ahead
  • I have exercised every day for the last 10 days
  • I am going to LONDON on th 10th October - wheeeeeeee
Where I need to do better:

  • I ate chocolate yesterday and one of the cupcakes I made the kids.  Still, it was only one and they did look like this

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