Sunday, September 22, 2013

One person's pleasure is another persons pain

Singapore is a buzz this week with the F1. It's great for Singapore as a whole, but as someone who lives here, and close to the track, it's a pain in the patoupie.  Forget going into town if you need anything, the roads are closed. Even worse, those who work in the Central Business District (CBD) can't get road transport to work.  This has forced by DH to use the MRT (underground).  The first day he got off at the wrong stop on the way home and after walking for 30 minutes called me to come pick him up - he was sweaty (it is Singapore), grumpy and he'd broken the strap on his briefcase.  Two days later and he knows the way but the grumps continue.

The first year the F1 was here everybody got tickets but as the years have gone by the enthusiasm has waned, now the people I know only go when they have to - when they have to go and do their corporate duty and smuuze - it's a hard life!

I work in the opposite direction to the F1 so it really hasn't interrupted me so much, but work, assignments and an impending exam have got the better of me and on Friday at 3pm the worst I've had for a long time descended.  I still had course participants for another 2 hours, I think adrenaline kept me going, but when I called mum on the way home she had to keep me busy so I didn't vomit.  As soon as I walked through the door I could hold it no longer and gave in.  I've slept through I good chunk of the weekend and still feel grotty, like a hangover but without the fun the night before.  Knitting, no not much.

This week is going to be a productive one though.  My migraine will have left, no work for the next 4 weeks whilst I finish my assignments, sit my exam and then as a reward....... I get to go to London for 10 days.  So first the pain and then the pleasure.

Right now, off to bed. x

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