Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Been a while

It has certainly been a while since I posted here and yet there is so much to say.  I'm starting small. 10 minutes everyday, some crafting, then 3 things I'm pleased about and where I feel competent, 1 thing to think about or I wish was different.

I knitted on mums cardigan. I may have wanted to knit her something DK or thicker but she wanted light fingering, long and cabled.  I am working on it every day and actually I like it a lot.  Let's hope it will fit. And I finished my stripey socks - love, love, love stripey socks.  You have to feel happy aout stripey socks.

Three Good things

1. I shared with a friend today.  It was hard and I cried but it helped. It's positive to let it out rather than holding it in and being very self controlled. I find this hard to do.

2. I really enjoyed my spiced hot chocolate.  It was an indulgence, rich, deep and probably (definitely) fattening but it was worth it.

3. I made an effort with what I wore today, not in a fancy pants way, but in a "yes, I too can look co-ordinated and together even if it's jeans, expensove shoes and a fun handbag. Win!

Something I would change

1. I wish the friend I cried on wasn't leaving at Christmas.  Someone I can really talk to and she can talk to me.  Very sad.

That's it - 10 minutes

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