Monday, September 23, 2013

Start as you mean to go on!

Yesterday was.....a little unproductive ahhum, to put it mildly.  Post migraine hangover and academic work are not good partners.  But not today.  Today I will be very productive.  I was showered and dressed before I put the kids on the school bus and my list is already made:

  • this weeks menu and shopping list (including all the ingredients for the Christmas cake)
  • weekly shop
  • meet a friend for a quick chat
  • assignment
  • assignment
  • assignment
  • my day 4 meditation
  • assignment
  • knitting only on mum's cardigan (the never ending project of light fingering cables)
  • kiss the kids and chat when they come in
  • assignment
  • wrap birthday present for bestie
I am trying to convince myself that yesterday I was marinating my assignment and tryong to fully recover - worst migraine in a long time.  Still couldn't really eat either so good, small heathly meals today.

Ok - a picture of mums cardigan, the back to the armholes is done and I have started the left front

Not loving my knitting at the moment, then I realised that I have a grey sock, a dark blue nuvem and mum's cardigan.  I think I may need to cast on something colourful........after my assignment!

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