Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sanity in small pockets

Sometimes we have to seek sanity in small things.  Life has been throwing curve balls at me for a little while.  Life has been unsettled for a while now and hinged around a potential international move which would have been very welcome.  It's not to be at this point.  I am very sad.  I even went to see schools and houses and fell in love with seasons and fresh air again.

It's hard to accept I have to stay here another two years. It's an ok place with lots going for it - but it felt like time to go.  It still feels like time to go but I have to stay.  I feel bereaved that my plans and hopes have not come to fruition this time. Sad, so sad.

So I have to pick myself and get on with it.  There are exams in two weeks which I am NOT prepared for.  The endless round of school stuff and the same ho sweaty weather everyday.

My sanity in the last 3 days has only existed in the small world of knitting, making a sweet cardigan (mignon from Loop knitting)

and a little hat to go with it, that I haven't taken a picture of yet.  All this in 3 days.  It's Christmas knitting if I can wait that long to send it.
Now, off to make a list of what I can get out of this next two years to make it a positive experience.  What have you put on your list for the next two years?