Monday, October 28, 2013

We have pictures

Yeh, husband has returned.  Now the whole house has jetlag instead of just me and the kids.  Return of husband means return of the camera - although I was a little peturbed to discover it was in the pocket of his golf bag rather than in his  luggage!  I should just be happy he didn't misplace it. I had a phone call at 1am as he was boarding his flight asking for reading glasses on his return as he lost two pairs last week.  This is why we now buy the over the counter readers for $50 instead of prescription at $400!

A selection of photos. The cupbaord under the stairs at the Universal Harry Potter Studios

 The Great Hall and headless costumes. The level of detail on the props is amazing, hogs heads on top of the water jugs and so on.

Diagon Alley

The wand room,

And then Ravenscourt Park.  I used to take Daughter  no1 here all the time when she was little, before the move to Singapore.  Here is daughter no2 looking the happiest she did on the whole trip

Swings always mean smiles

The Glove Theatre, please say this in a suitably theatrical voice - thank you.  It's made of 800 oak trees from the Queens estates

And how much fun we had with stick on mustaches at Pizza Express on the South Bank.  The smallest, cheapest things are always the most fun

Just a small glimpse.

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