Sunday, October 6, 2013

Just when you need a curve ball

So, assignment was done, I started my revision.  I always pour over past papers and work out was is likely to come up.  I think I can get it down to 3 topics.  I start revising the first topic and then.... daughter no.2 isn't well, she is "hurty" and needs to go to the 24 hour walk in clinic.  So at 11pm off we go.  DH has just arrived back from a trip to Australia and New Zealand so he is frankly useless.  She has a urinary infection and needs antibiotics.  That means the dance competition she's supposed to be at the next day from 12 - 8pm needs notifying first thing on Saturday.

Oh well, at least that means I don't have to be in 3 places at the same time and we don't have to sit through 2 hours of dance competition on a Saturday night.  Saturday a.m. DH goes to see his doc and they decide he needs a small, delicate operation before Christmas.  But we are all OK about that. Saturday evening daughter no. 1 suddenly takes herself off to bed because she's not feeling well.  So this morning at 7am she staggers in, burning up, sore throat, sore neck.  Of I go to the 24 hour walk in clinic at the hospital again.  She has mycoplasma, also called walking pneumonia, and needs antibiotics for weeks and no school for a week.  She is really unwell and I have spent a large part of the day rinsing her down with cool water, when not looking after daughter no.2 and taking DH to the airport for a trip to Korea.

My revision is now a little behind.  I still have 2 topics to revise and then need to look at all three again before my exam on WEDNESDAY MORNING!  Oh, and we are going to London on Thursday morning for a week,so I have packing to do, for 4 people (DH is really crap at packing!) and we don't really have cold weather clothes as we live in Singapore.

Time to cast on a new project I suspect.

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