Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Conscious competence?

Have you heard of the four levels of competence when learning a new skill? It goes something like this:

1. Unconscious incompetence - you don't know how bad you are,
2. Conscious incompetence - you realize how bad you are,
3. Conscious competence - you can do it if you really think about it and talk yourself through it,
4. Unconscious competence - you can do it without even thinking about it.

Much of my life I worry that I hover at conscious incompetence but I've realized  that actually i know lots of stuff and the stuff I don't know i work at.  I need to lighten up.  Today I discovered I am well regarded at work and after a career break of 11 years (I've been back 3 months) this was a good moment and unexpected. Hell, I didn't have anything to wear or even know what to wear when I first went back. Suits are too formal these days and where I work does not have the smart casual rules of my last job. I spent ages looking at people going to work trying to work out the new rules for work clothes. Guys,  there is an opportunity out there for helping women returners get their work clothes mojo back.  Even blow drying my hair before leaving the house and doing my make-up was challenging when you're trying to get out of the house early.  But I've done it.  Me. I've done it.  And the kids look at me differently and so does the DH.

Sense of competence on the increase. Just.

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